metal braces and rubber bands

Do I Need Rubber Bands With Braces?

You may be familiar with orthodontic rubber bands from past experiences or connections with friends and family, and you already know that rubber bands attach to braces between the jaws. No matter your knowledge on the subject, we want to shed some light on the importance of rubber bands.


Braces — What YOU Need To Know

Dental braces are orthodontic devices that align and straighten your teeth. They help position your teeth with regard to your bite and aim to improve your overall dental health. Braces are especially useful for fixing any gaps you may have in your teeth!


Dentures or Implants: Which Do I Need?

Over the course of our lifetime, our teeth are put under a lot of stress from everyday eating, speaking, clenching and grinding. Dentures and Dental Implants both relieve that stress, but which is better for you?

teeth whitening

7 Steps for Whiter Teeth

There are many ways to get brighter teeth, and equally as many reasons why our teeth appear yellow. From dietary changes to professional teeth whitening, we’ll be explaining a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that you can follow to make your teeth whiter.

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