We offer a full suite of orthodontic treatment options such as: Invisalign, ceramic brackets, and metal brackets!


At Studio Dental of River Park we provide expert orthodontic screenings for children and adults in the Richmond, TX, area. If you have a smile imperfections such as a bite misalignment, teeth overcrowding or excessive tooth gapping, then orthodontic therapy is highly recommended. Braces work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly ease teeth back into perfect position. There are several different types of braces available based upon a patient’s lifestyle, age, level of correction that’s needed, and budget.

Types of Braces
Here are the types of braces that are most commonly used to straighten a patient’s teeth:

  • Traditional metal braces
    Most people are familiar with metal braces, but the braces used today by orthodontists are smaller and less-noticeable than in the past. Newer, heat-activated archwires use the patient’s body heat to help move the teeth faster and with less pain than was previously experienced
  • Lingual braces
    Think of these as traditional metal braces that are worn on the inside of the teeth instead of the outside, which makes them less noticeable to others.
  • Ceramic braces
    These look and feel very much like traditional metal braces, except the materials are tooth-colored or clear. You can also choose matching tooth-colored wires to top off a more natural look.
  • Invisalign
    This popular alternative to fixed braces uses a system of custom-designed, clear plastic aligner trays that are easily removable for eating, cleaning, and tooth brushing and flossing. Invisalign aligners are worn 20 to 22 hours daily, and usually replaced every 2 weeks with new ones. Invisalign trays are virtually invisible to others, and because they’re removable you can still enjoy all your favorite foods!
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