Restore your teeth with convenient and removable dentures!

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If you need to replace missing teeth, dentures are one of the many available options! Thanks to advances in technology, gone are the days of the bulky and uncomfortable dentures your grandparents once wore. Now, they are unnoticeable and made from resin matching a patient’s gum tissue. Contact us and find out today which might be right for you!

The Benefits of Wearing Dentures

Wearing dentures is a great way to improve your smile’s appearance, eating comfort, and self-confidence. Other benefits of wearing dentures include:

  • Dentures maintain your mouth’s structural integrity by supporting your cheeks and lips.
  • With dentures, you’ll be able to eat most of the foods that you enjoy.
  • Dentures replace teeth that are causing you serious discomfort, including teeth that are severely decayed and damaged,

Care Tips:

  1. After first removing them from your mouth, brush your dentures daily just like you would your regular teeth. Instead of toothpaste, however, we recommend a mild soap or denture cleaner brushed with a denture brush or very soft toothbrush.
  2. While your dentures are removed, clean your gums and any natural teeth with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. If a brush is too harsh, then wrap your fingers in a wet and soft washcloth and gently rub your gums.
  3. Never sleep with your dentures in! Before going to bed, totally immerse your dentures in warm (never hot) water to prevent them from drying out. Denture soaking solutions are only good for dentures without metal parts, as a denture solution can tarnish dentures that have metal parts.

Different Types:

  • Partial dentures
    Partial dentures are not permanent and are used when a patient’s surrounding teeth cannot support the prosthetic or when a patient is missing consecutive teeth. These dentures are easily removed for cleaning and sleeping. The realistic look, fit, and feel of the dentures we provide help make sure that they will blend in seamlessly with your other teeth so nothing will look out of place!
  • Full dentures
    Full dentures are for when a patient is missing all of their teeth, and they can be taken out for cleaning or sleeping much like partial dentures. These are easily cleaned and patient’s have reported them to be very comfortable. Improvements in denture technology allow us at Studio Dental to provide extremely realistic dentures that instill confidence in our patients!
  • Immediate dentures
    Immediate dentures are a temporary denture for when a patient is missing one tooth and the others have not come out yet, and for when waiting for up to 6 months for swelling of the gums to subside. These are typically more transitional dentures that are meant to stay until more permanent dentures, such as partial, full, or overdentures, can be prescribed as more teeth become ready to come out.
  • Implant-supported overdentures
    Implant-supported overdentures are meant for patients who find traditional dentures to be too uncomfortable. Overdentures are attached to dental implants, meaning that in order to get overdentures a patient must receive between 2-4 implants depending on the amount of support required. After that, the dentures connect with button-like attachments. This means that overdentures are also removable for cleaning and sleeping.
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