Mouth and Night Guards

Personalize your tooth protection and prevent trauma.

Teeth Guards

Mouth and Night Guards 

One of the best ways to prevent dental trauma is to wear a mouth or night guard. During many sporting activities, your teeth can often be casualties of competition. At Studio Dental, we provide customized sports mouthguards fit to the theme of any team or other design a patient may request. Fit to 6 different shock-absorbing thicknesses, you will be provided with the maximum protection catered to what is comfortable for you.


Sports get rough, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your teeth just to get your game on! Here at Studio Dental, we recognize the importance of sports for building a strong community, which is why we want to allow everyone to participate in sports in a safe way with our customizable mouthguards! Represent your local team, stay active, and maintain a strong smile for your victory lap!


Sleep is very important too, but don’t let your recovery be responsible for the destruction of your teeth! Some people naturally grind, clench, and gnash their teeth in their sleep, and this can degrade your teeth over time and cause positioning problems as well. Fortunately, at Studio Dental of River Park, we want to make your sleep as restful as possible. For this reason, we provide custom-fitted and designed nightguards to insert before bedtime. These protect your teeth from the degradation they would otherwise suffer from grinding and clenching!

If you engage in high-impact and injury-prone sports and activities, or grind your teeth in your sleep, reach out now to see if Mouth and Nightguards are for you! Protecting your teeth could be the difference between being healthy and needing additional procedures later on in life.

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