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Best-in-Class Dental Technology

Studio Dental is a complete KaVo equipment portfolio office because KaVo offers best-in-class imaging solutions and state-of-the-art dentistry technology. Utilizing this equipment, we offer the best possible treatment for our patients.

KaVo OP 3D – Cone Beam 3D Imaging

3D x-ray imaging through cone-beam computed tomography technology provides clearer, more detailed images for more accurate and foreseeing diagnosis. This advanced dental imaging is fundamental for optimal treatment planning since the region of interest can be viewed from every possible direction in 3D space. Complex procedures including oral surgery, extractions,  root canals, and implants, can now be planned in virtual reality. Having this ability to plan in great detail ahead of the actual procedure helps to avoid complications, to minimize trauma to speed up the recovery time, and to ensure the best treatment outcomes.

KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 – Handheld x-ray System

With the KaVo Nomad Pro 2 handheld x-ray system, acquiring a complete series of x-rays takes only a few minutes, which improves the flow of the appointment, minimizing the chair time for the patient. This technology is the next generation of dental x-ray systems:

  • It emits less radiation and is safer for patients.
  • It provides clear, high-quality images in order to detect early symptoms of oral health issues.
  • It is portable, so our dental assistants can bring it to you instead of having to interrupt your relaxation!
  • These systems are extremely accurate and can pinpoint the problem areas a patient is having.

DENTAPURE Water Filtration

Our office is equipped with a water filtration system that performs 50x better than what is required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and American Dental Association (ADA) in reducing bacteria from water. EPA requires that safe drinking water have ≤500 CFU/ml of bacteria in water. Our systems purify the water at ≤10 CFU/ml. In fact, we use the same water filtration technology that was originally developed for NASA, and is found on all manned space shuttles.

Here are some of the benefits of cleaner water at Studio Dental:

1     Dental procedures such as fillings, crowns, and veneers will last much longer by having a purified and clean surface during treatment, improving the efficacy of dental materials and bonding.

2     Healing after oral surgery is better and faster because fewer bacteria will be present in the mouth with cleaner water!

3     Gingivitis and gum inflammation is faster healing because clean water is more effective at removing dangerous bacteria.

DEXIS CariVu by KaVo – Zero Radiation Cavity Detection

With the DEXIS CariVu, it is now possible to detect cavities and cracks with zero radiation emitted. This technology is ideal for young children, pregnant mothers, and for those who are x-ray averse such as chemo and radiation patients. CariVu is able to detect cavities and cracks at a much earlier stage than x-rays can. By hugging the tooth and bathing it in safe, near-infrared light, CariVu’s transillumination technology allows the clinician to see through the entire structure of the tooth, exposing any cavities or cracks with very high accuracy.

DEXIS Titanium by KaVo – Digital x-ray sensors

DEXIS Titanium digital x-ray sensors provide the best in intraoral digital imaging. With DEXIS Titanium digital x-ray technology, patients will experience:

1     Significantly less radiation for patients.

2     Extremely clear images, allowing for better and earlier detection of health concerns.

3     More comfort due to a smaller and sleeker design.

DEXIS DEXcam 4 HD – Intraoral Camera

Utilized for diagnosis, education, and collaboration between other doctors and dental specialists, the DEXIS DEXcam 4 HD provides stunning high-definition imaging. This camera features a 1.3-million-pixel CMOS sensor that provides HD images that remain clear and crisp even when enlarged.

iTero Element 2 – Digital Scanner

Our iTero Element 2 Scanner is a state-of-the-art impression and scanning system that eliminates the need for messy and unpleasant sensations in your mouth. We can digitally capture a 3D model of your teeth and gums, which allows us to better keep track of your oral health.

The iTero Element 2 relays accurate information to our Studio Dental of River Park team, and provides noticeable improvements in modeling Invisalign retainers, Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers!

Benefits of the iTero Element 2:

  • With quicker and more efficient scanning, you spend less time in the chair and more time enjoying Studio Dental’s amenities!
  • It’s more accurate, preventing the need to retake impressions.
  • The digital scanning technology allows scans to take place without impression materials — no unpleasant gagging! 


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